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Protect Your Investment

Brick pavers and natural stones are a serious investment- now it’s time to protect them. At Wellspring we use the most innovative prep and sealing products on the market to achieve both high quality and high durability. Our customers should expect 3+ years of longevity our of their seal coat. We use a water-based paver sealer designed specifically in mind for our humid Central Florida climate, ensuring the best seal possible. We service Brevard County Florida with both concrete, stone, Ttavertine, and brick paver sealing.


Do I need to seal?

There's a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to paver sealing. Some think it just has to do with curb appeal, but it's so much more than that.


1. Joint Stabilization. One of the primary problems we run into with paver customers is that their sand has been washed out from the joints and the floor, and consequently the pavers are now unstable. In worst case scenarios, these pavers will need to be dug out, re-leveled, and reinstalled. Proper paver sealing can save you from this financial nightmare. Our innovative paver sealing process includes the best joint sanding and sealing methods and products possible to achieve optimal joint stabilization.


2. Damage Protection. Secondly, paver sealing protects your investment from damage. The hot Florida sun can bake pavers over time, causing the color to fade. We've seen once beautiful pavers bleach out to white with neglect. Additionally, the natural wear and tear from car and foot traffic, sprinkler, fertilizer & rust stains, and rainwater can cause the pavers to stain, discolor and fade. Our water-based, breathable sealer will protect your surfaces from damage.


3. Inhibit algae and weeds. Additionally, paver sealing helps to slow down weed and algae growth. Through the process of both hydro-compaction of our angular silica sand and flood coating of the sealer, we are able to inhibit the weed and algae growth.


4. Color enhancement and sheen. Finally, professionally sealed pavers are beautiful way to increase curb appeal. We offer both natural and wet look. A wet look will give the pavers an elegant sheen in the sunlight, and also enhances the color of the paver stone.

5. Slip protection. Avoid a slip hazard and add a non-slip additive to your seal coat. This is especially important around pool decks or when high sheen is desired.


How do we seal pavers?


Our process includes three steps: cleaning, re-sanding, and sealing.


Cleaning. For cleaning, our first step is to pre-treat any rust or hard-water stains, efflorescence, or algae growth. Next, we pressure clean the pavers using a 4,000 psi rotary surface cleaner, giving your surface a even clean, thus eliminating the risk of streaks typically seen by cleaning with a pressure wand. Once the pavers have been carefully cleaned, we will then pressure clean the joints, removing the old joint sand, algae growth, and weeds.

Sanding. Once this is done, we move on to step two- sanding. We use a wet sanding method called hydro-compaction. We use water to fill the joints with sand from the bottom up to a 1/8 inch below the camphor edge. Often the dry sanding method can leave air pockets in the joints that can reduce the stability of the pavers, which is why we always hydro-compact. After filling the joints to proper sand level, we will blow off excess sand and debris. This is also where we will tape up screen enclosures, doors, pillars and anything else that needs to be covered from sealer.

Sealing. Once we've meticulously examined all pavers and joints for an optimal seal, we move on to the third and final step: sealing. Our water-based sealer has a dual purpose- to seal the paver and lock the sand into the joints, inhibiting washout of sand. We apply two coats of sealer. The first coat is a flood coat, locking the joints in place. The second coat is a light coat for layered protection and stability. A third coat is also available upon request for additional durability and sheen. A non-slip additive is required for a third coat.

Once sealer is down, you won't be able to walk on the surface for 4-5 hours. Additionally, driveways will be taped off to ensure no vehicular or golf cart traffic for at least 48 hours. We will provide you with an after care manual to help optimize your paver sealer for years to come.

Ask us about our paver seal maintenance packages for all of our sealer customers.

Serving all Brevard with the very best in paver & travertine sealing.

Joint  Stabilization

Damage protection

Weed & Algae Inhibitor

Color Enhancement

Slip Protection

We offer non-slip additives!


Q: Why remove the old joint sand? Our pavers are pretty new.

A: The best sand for joint stabilization is course angular silica sand. Unlike other sands such as play sand, silica is not rounded, but angular. It is also washed, meaning it's not mixed with seeds and other organism which would quickly promote weed and algae growth. Silica sand packs into the joints, lays flat against the other sand particles, and provides optimal joint stabilization when flood coated with sealer.

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